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Car Locksmith 24/7:

An Emergency Automotive Locksmith Mobile Service (Auto Lockout Specialist, Key Fob Service, Car Unlock, Replace Lost Keys) for the Paramount area.

Our professional auto locksmith team in the Paramount area provide a fast, convenient solution for replacing your lost car key, assisting with an auto lockout situation, unlocking your car, car key repair or replacement, remote key repair as well as replacing the case, battery or chip.

Contact us anytime day or night, weekends and holidays.

Car Locksmith Paramount

A Mobile Emergency Auto Locksmith for Paramount CA Residents

Working in and around the Paramount area, we offer a wide range of services for any car make & model. We provide an efficient mobile emergency auto locksmith service for the Paramount area when your car is locked, when you’ve lost your keys or when you need NEW keys.

In Paramount, call (714) 715-5887 and we will solve your problem.

Car Keys Locked In The Car or Truck (Auto Lockout, Car Unlock Services)

One of the things that happens to everyone, at least once in life, is locking the car or house keys in the car or the trunk of the car. Understanding the fact that time is of enormous value these days, especially to our Paramount base, our auto locksmith teams are ready to serve you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We are minutes away! Our auto locksmith teams tend to make it in record time. We can unlock your car, retrieve the keys in a very professional manner, using the latest technology. We promise not to damage your car or the locking system. Being fully insured you can rest assured that as a Paramount neighbor you are in the best hands possible.

As a professional auto locksmith for Paramount, there are many ways to enter a car, depending on the age of the car and the security systems installed on the car.  The newer the car, the more sophisticated security system.  Our auto lockout technicians are well trained in using the last generation of pick tools. Using this method there will be no damage to the locks or the side of the door. However sometimes the older cars have the door locks rusted and the pins locked making picking a lock more difficult. In this instance we will use special designed air pillows to slightly crack open the upper side of the door enough to introduce a picking tool in order to pull on the lever or press the open button situated on the door side.

Our skilled auto lockout technician will inform you on the procedure to be used in this situation and will explain every step of the way.

Call our Emergency Auto Locksmith Service for the Paramount, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

(714) 715-5887

Car Key Broken In The Ignition Or Door Lock Cylinder (Broken Key Extraction)

This usually happens to older cars or worn out keys. We get a high number of calls with this issue, and yes, we know it’s the most frustrating of all. Usually when a person introduces the keys into the ignition, they’re on their way to go somewhere, and we understand the frustration and the change of plans created by this issue.

Our auto locksmith vans are equipped with the latest technology for the whole process, and our auto locksmith technicians are trained to extract, read, re-cut and program a new key for your car.

We usually stock most key blanks, but in some cases, for a special car an order will have to be made. Call our hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your emergency service requests.

Contact Us Anytime (714) 715-5887

Hey Paramount!  Lost All Your Car Keys ?

This happens to most of us , and the frustration and inconvenience created by this is almost unbearable.
Options in this situation will be calling the dealer, having them cut and re-program a key for your vehicle without the vehicle being present.

The problem with this is the fact the the dealers will not make you any key without proof of ownership. This would be fine if the vehicle registration wasn’t locked in the glove compartment along with the rest of your car documents.

The other issue would be the cost that dealers practice for situations like this.  For example, a single key for a Land Rover, the dealers ask around $800 plus tax.  Our auto locksmith team managed to open the car, create the key, program it for less than half, without creating the inconvenience of our customer having to come to our office and provide us with documents. Remember, we are a mobile car locksmith for the Paramount area, every situation to us is an emergency! 

We carry all popular keys in our vans, we use the latest technology for cutting, programming and synchronizing the new key to your vehicle.  (In case you think that the lost keys may end up in the wrong hands), we can delete all the information stored in the eprom and create new key codes for your vehicle.

Need A Car Key Duplication For Your Paramount Vehicle

(Broken, Lost or Spare Key Replacement)

It’s best practice to prevent a problem instead of finding yourself in the middle of the problem trying to fix it.
In most cases, when it comes to vehicle locksmith call outs, the customers only had one key, making the whole process harder and more expensive.

Having a key duplicated is the best choice in order to avoid awkward situations where you’re left in the middle of a Paramount parking lot or on some street in Paramount with a car locked with no spare key.

Key duplication for Paramount customers cost from as little as $5 dollars, up to $150 for the most sophisticated car keys.

Our technicians can duplicate, clone and cut all kinds of keys for almost any vehicle. This service is the simplest of all, going back to the basics of auto locksmith industry.

We can copy and cut keys, simple with no transponder chip or any electronic immobilizer implemented in them.  These keys are usually used in older type vehicles, most 1997 and older and some car manufacturers continued creating cars with no transponder security systems until early 2002.

Call Us (714) 715-5887 to schedule a visit from our technician at your convenience and we will take care of all your keys needs.


Remote Programming – Transponder Chip Programming – Key Programming

These days, with the technology being so advanced and the requirements being so high, remotes and transponder chip keys often brake or stop functioning.

It could be due to a shock or liquid being spilled on it, or simply one of the components on the board stopped working.  Our team is highly trained in troubleshooting and debugging issues like thisIn most cases the remote chip key or transponder chip needs to be reprogrammed, or a button, or a condenser needs to be replaced on the remote key, or transponder chip unit.

In the worse case scenario where the remote key has been broken or damaged due to the water or fire, we will replace it with a new one and reprogram it to function with your car.

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