Programing a new car key for your car , may seem like a simple process, but in most cases a trained and licensed technician is needed.

Depending on the year and make of your car the price for a blank key can vary from a few cents to an few hundred dollars.

After the year of 2000 most car manufacturers introduced a new anti theft technology called transponder chip imo, this means that your car key has a chip under the plastic cap which transmits radio frequencies to receiver part. The receiver part is usually installed  very close to the ignition cylinder and from there transmits messages to the fuel pump or imo box.

In order to program these type of keys you either need the original key and then follow the instructions supplied by the car manufacturer or dealer or call a car locksmith , who has all the programing tools required for the job.

Our technicians are fully equipped and trained to assist you with all your key programing needs

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