The procedures of creating a car key from scratch

 In this article I will try to describe the basics of producing a car key < a complete car key from scratch , with no biting information or ay old keys as a reference.

Step 1:

 Finding bitting and reading it accurately..

Up until recent years the most common ways of finding key bitting would have been dismantling the door lock  or remove the ignition and dismantle it.

 After removing the lock or ignition, the locksmith, would have to dismantle the lock completely and read each individual wafer and then resemble the lock back together and create the key based on the information collected from reading the wafers.

Prior to this the locksmith would use a technique known as impression of the  key. Sadly this is becoming a lost art these days, and when I say art I mean it.

The technician would take a blank key and insert it in the lock. Once inserted, he would then jiggle the key up and down until a little mark is left on the key.then , with a file, he would start finding onto the mark.

And this for each individual wafer.

The process is a long ad delicate one and it requires a set of skills and precision that many of us don’t possess.

The acu reader

The acu reader was created by locksmiths and it revolutionized the depths reading by allowing the locksmith to read the depths of the wafers without dismantling it.

The act reader comes in more forms, depending on the car model and make and it is still used in our days as a decoding tool by a vast majority of the locksmiths.

The lishi tool.

The lishi tool, the most common used tool fro opening and decoding locks these days was created by gentleman called Mr Lee.

The listing tool is the most complete and advanced tool used by most locksmiths aloud the globe.

 It comes in around 42 models and covers the majority of the lock.

 The benefits of the tool are the ability to open a lock without damaging it or having to remove it.

Once he lock is picked and opened then, the locksmith will be able to read the depths of the wafers using the same tool.

Once that is done, the locksmith punches the readings into the milling machine and cuts the key to code.

These are the most common ways of cutting a key without knowing the depths of the wafers before hand.

In the next article  will discuss about finding the missing cuts without having to decode each individual lock of the car.

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