Land Rover keys 

Land Rover

The company’s history begins in early 1947. It was created by a British car manufacturer called  Rover Company.

The first  Land Rovers to be produced were called  Land Rover series  1 2 and 3.

The company is famous nowadays for its luxury vehicles , however that wasn’t the case in its early years.

The sign being inspired by and American manufacturer  called Willys Jeep , the English car makers implemented the first off road that had doors.

The company starting producing cars for the public and , the cars being strong built  and reliable made Land Rover claim that in 1992 more than half of their cars produced over the years were still running.

During the world war 2 , the factory situated in Coventry  England was bombed and the company had to move to little town near Birmingham in what they called a shadow factory.

With all the after war poverty , luxury vehicles were not in demand and the company started flirting with the idea of moving its production towards agricultural machinery, implementing the first truck with a center wheel drive.

These days , Land Rover is a prestigious car company , having huge markets world wide.

They are known for their beautiful and luxurious suv line called Range Rover .

One of the biggest importers of Land Rover cars is Australia  and USA.

Types of keys and remotes system used by  Land Rovers:

Basic  transponder key with remote 2 buttons.

This model of key has been used on one specific Land Rover model : Land Rover Discovery

It is also found on land rovers with a manufacture year previous to 2004.

Key specifications :

Hard shell and durable blade designed for drops and rough treatment

Light  weight , with and net weight of 25 g and with a length of 1.5 inches.

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Read cut and program.

Land Rover 3 button key with a fold in blade

This type of key its usually met on newer Land Rover models and its built from a hard plastic case and almost 2 inch long blade.

The net weight on this  key is is 40.8 g and it mostly works with land rovers past 2005 as year of manufacture.

Keyless entry remote

This keyless entry  has five operational buttons on it, it usually programs on a frequency of 315 mhz.

Is is compatible with most cars with a year of manufacture past 2012.

The type of remote also can function on German produced cars like Skoda.

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